Our Lord! You truly know all that we may hide in our hearts as well as all that we bring into the open, for nothing whatsoever, be it on earth or in heaven, remains hidden from Allah. {Quran, 14:38}



Islam. So many ways to define it. But only one way to define it correctly. So many ways of practice. But only one way to practice it truthfully. So many ways to view it. But only one way to view completely. One prescribed religion, one way of life, one Book in authenticity, One God. Not just for me, not just for Muslims. For all of humanity back then, for all of humanity today, and for the entire human race until Judgement Day. We live. We go through tests. We die. We ressurect. We are judged. We are rewarded or We serve time. One Message was delivered to you. One Message was delivered to me. Corruption deceives Truth. Has it corrupted what was placed in your heart, your God-given right? Our time will come. Yours is on its way. Judegement Day.
I love him and I want to be like him in every way. He is my leader and taught me to be kind to orphans, how to be clean, how to love my neighbor and that they have a right over me (even if they are not Muslim-and even if they do not think highly of me because I am). The Trustworthy taught me to be honest, and teaches me my role as a mother, a wife, a daughter, and a sister. The more I read about him, the more I am humbled by his character. Patience was a virtue of his. He was abused and tormented by people who had hearts sealed towards any amount of guideance. Kind, gentle, and playful with children was he. Know who he was. A man, a noble man who instilled the rights of women, saved female babies, stood up for the elderly and respected the ill.
God Watches & Listens to all affairs. God is the Most Fair. For those who disrespect any of God's Messengers (peace & blessings be upon them), just a reminder..those comments will catch up to you. If not now, then certainly later. Let's wake each other up. Islam is not to be feared of. Prophet Muhammad (PEACE be upon him) is not to be feared of. IGNORANCE, and there is tons of it, that is what people should be afraid of. Question hypocricy. Question lies. Question the SOURCE. Only then True Islam will shine and be seen for what it is, what it really means. SUBMISSION to God. One Message sent to all of humanity. From Noah to Moses, from Abraham to yes, Muhammad: peace & blessings be upon them all. Not a hard concept to understand. Not something to be afraid of. Quran is a Sacred Book, it has not been changed in over 1400 years. God protects it and has promised to do so until the end of this world. You will never find 2 different books sharing the same name : Quran. This is fundamental in Islam. The only change that happens is within the people.
Islamaphobia is caused by gullability. Not everything is true and not everything is a lie. Read with the intention to know. Read with your fears left aside. Read while keeping those images in your mind away. If you really want to know Islam, If you really want to know who Prophet Muhammad: Peace and blessings be upon him, and if you really want to understand then all you have to do is sincerely read. If you sincerely read, then avoid commentaries, avoid the hypocrites, avoid the corruption. Read the history, the facts, the true story of Prophet Muhammad: peace & blessings be upon him. Only then you may come to know. Avoid ignorance, stay away from stereotypes, ask questions, and seek knowledge.


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