Our Lord! You truly know all that we may hide in our hearts as well as all that we bring into the open, for nothing whatsoever, be it on earth or in heaven, remains hidden from Allah. {Quran, 14:38}


Multi-Task & Learn

Avoiding music, not enough time to read important stuff, and always having background noise of 4 small kids around makes it quite challenging to pay attention to anything with great detail. My husband first bought me the "Lives of the Prophets". Good things to listen too while multi-tasking. Its a series that Imam Anwar Awlaki presents from Adam to Jesus (peace be upon them all). Now here's the thing. I totally recommend this for everyone. But especially to those with English as a strong language. Arabic will do too because all quotes he gets from authentic Hadith and Quran, and for whatever reason if they are questionable sources he tells you. I treasure these CD's because this Imam creates a very detailed picture in your mind of who our leaders were and paints descriptive situations of the Hereafter. Yesterday he was talking about the status of women, particularly our 4 role models of Maryam, Essya (wife of pharoah), Khadija (wife of Prophet Muhammad-pbuh), & his daughter, Fatima. May God be pleased with all of them. Well, I lost it. I couldn't stop crying,,crying out of guilt. These women endured so much, and Imam Awlaki encouraged Muslim women of today to be reminded of them while feeling blessed to be women who strive to serve God. Anyways, my point is, although these may be a bit on the expensive side, they are a good investment to have to listen to especially when you feel like you have been doing enough. The most exciting thing about this post is this: you can all listen to many of his inspiring lectures by clicking on the title of this post above (there are lots of other great speakers and resources there too).
Imam Al-Awlaki of Dar Al-Hijrah Islamic Center in Falls Church, Virginia is also the Muslim Chaplain at George Washington University. He holds a B.S. in Civil Engineering from Colorado State University, a M.A. in Education Leadership from San Diego State University and is currently working on a Doctorate degree in Human Resource Development at George Washington University.He is the author of a series of Audio lectures on the "Lives of the Prophets", covering the stories of the Prophets from Adam to Jesus (pbuh) of which over 20,000 copies have been published. The series is drawn from Imam Ibn Kathir's "Al-Bidayah wa An-Nihayah". He also has a series called The Hereafter"
For the record, I haven't actually heard his series on Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). But I can't wait to do so inshaAllah. May Allah reward Imam Awlaki and may Allah spread Truth everywhere in a way that people will understand, accept..


At February 23, 2006, Anonymous Um Ibrahim said...

I agree with you, he is a great speaker MashaAllah. I need to get the set inshaAllah. I listened to one on the hereafter and i was changed forever!

At February 27, 2006, Blogger Umm Isa said...

Bismillah, assalaamo aleikom sister. I love listenign to Imam Awlaki, I have his series abt the hereafter. I would love to have the series abt the Prophets, inshaAllah one day. BarakAllahu fiki.


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