Our Lord! You truly know all that we may hide in our hearts as well as all that we bring into the open, for nothing whatsoever, be it on earth or in heaven, remains hidden from Allah. {Quran, 14:38}


2 Extremes, 1 Day

"No, I’m good. I’ve been canning all night and I’ve got enough. Really. Thanks anyway. You’re young; you don’t know what the real world is like out here, just wait until you get to be 45. I’m 51 and I’ll tell you this, don’t trust anyone, there is no meaning; especially the ***** (a nationality) and *****, but the ***** too. This guy has been working my area, if you see him, don’t tell him you saw me. He has no nerve; everyone knows this is my location. Just run the other way, he’s no good, none of them are. He got on my radio frequency. See you don’t know because you’re so young. I got my friend a job yesterday, she really needed it. But I’m all good. No, I don’t know anyone who would need it. I’m ok; you need not worry about me. Just one more week of this cold weather to go. You should get going, because it’s so brutal out here. 20 or 30 years out here you learn to survive, but you just learn to be careful. Don’t trust anyone."

Waking up that morning there was a plan. A master plan was already set for me to come across this woman on my way into the skilled nursing & rehab facility I work in. Everyone has a different take on life, and it’s so ironic how 2 precious newborns end up with minds and thoughts poles apart from one another as adults. This woman, only a few years younger than my own mother, has no belief in “trust”, and mocked the idea of God creating humanity with a purpose to worship throughout every detail of our lives. Perhaps one day she will see, that even with her, God has imparted Mercy upon. She was dressed warm, and her canning earned her 3 trash bags full of potential money, to eat a warm meal rather heading to the local soup kitchen.

All day I thought of this other soul roaming the streets. That night my husband, the kids & I were invited over another Muslim family’s home, not their house. Little did I know I would be exposed to a reverse situation. Masha’Allah what God wills, happens. A house of royalty, no less it was, at least for this donia/life. This house was a mansion filled with jeweled details embedded in the fabrics of curtains, marble floors with crystal chandeliers floating on top, glass doors with high textile ceilings and lofty yet plush furniture. Not very child friendly (‘Strong Believer’, my almost 3 year old son was a little too excited!!)

I’m really into listening to Imam Anwar Al-Awlaki’s stuff. A few days before this extreme day came, he explained the first 4 things all of will be asked upon. 1. Prayer: did we pray 5xs/day as prescribed? 2. Time: what did we do with it? Waste it & procrastinate? 3. Earnings: How did we get the money we have? Did we steal, gamble, partake in interest, or sell forbidden goods of this world like alcohol etc. & 4. Spend: How did we distribute our money? Did we spend it carelessly and use it just for amusements without expecting judgment? This makes me think of all the times I order this or that from Gap Online, even the clearance items.

Let us be reminded that for everything we think own, it is given and it is a trust, it is not something that belongs to us, but something that is on loan as a trial. By keeping this thought in mind we will find ourselves being more grateful to Allah, our Creator, the Most Generous. Accountability will happen. Praise God for what you have, because there is no assurance you will have it tomorrow. What is easy on the eyes and hearts is not in this world, it is only in Jannah/Paradise. So let that be it our goal. Think, did we pass those quizzes today, or should we study through reflection for the next day? I know I need to study, and hopefully I'll get it tomorrow inshaAllah/God-willing..

May Allah forgive our shortcomings and keep us on the Straight Path. Ameen.


At March 07, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I stumbled upon this site and hate filled my heart. I checked around a little and the hate and anger I feel toward the Islamic faith and culture ebbed a bit and I found myself curious. while reading some of your blogs I began to wonder how could these wonderful words and feelings that you so eloquently emote come from the same book that so many people lives have ended because of?
I will forever carry hate and disgust in my heart for the religion that "ordered" 9-11 in my country. But thanks to you it will be to a less extent. May god have mercy on both of our souls.

At March 08, 2006, Blogger SUHAA said...

To ANonymous:
I really thought of whether I should publish this comment or not. I did for this reason: I want you to know that Islam is not a religion of HATE. I invite you to read more, putting your emotions away and not to judge Islam by the way certain people practice. To know Islam is to realize that the word "Islam" has been abused over and over again by not just non-muslims, but by Muslims themselves. Read my links and trust them to be true and then watch the 6:00 news and know that people are emotionally unstable. This is what causes mistrust, when the ironic thing is Islam is a religion of tolerance and peace. God is the final judge and He will hold EVERYONE RESPONSIBLE, Muslim or not. Islam is corrupted in your eyes, but please know that Islam in its pure form is something beautiful.
Please email me privaetly if you'd like. Not to convert you or anything, just for you to see the Truth through what it really is.Guideance comes from God alone and if you are sincere in wanting to understands then God will guide you..all of us. For the supplication you made..AMEN. Thanks for your comment.

At March 08, 2006, Blogger SUHAA said...

hello all, although i quoted a woman who's hopeless on the top of this post, I deleted the specific nationalities she mentioned so as not to offend anyone as my husband suggested. certainly that was not my intent. please forgive me if you were offended in anway.

At March 09, 2006, Blogger SUHAA said...

oops, i meant hoMeless..

At March 10, 2006, Anonymous Um Ibrahim said...

I know what you mean Suhaa, you see these homeless people and it humbles you to the point where you question every purchase you make - do i really need this? do i need the most expensive brand or most high-tech advanced thing? This was something that i learned in my Hajj journey - humbleness. I no longer want to buy expensive things because i think 'why should i? so people can come and say oh how beautiful or be so impressed and jealous of me?' why would i want that? i don't want people jealous of me, i don't want hasad, envy. I want to impress Allah, not people. Right now the only reason i will buy something a little more expensive is if it's better quality. I don't like buying something cheap and then it gets ruined fast and i have to buy another, which would cost more in the end.

At April 05, 2006, Anonymous barrie said...

To Anonymous of March 7th who hates Islam. I am really glad you found this site and I hope you come back again. (I'm also pleased that Suhaa left your comments for others TO READ)

I personally know the lady who writes this blog, and she is, as you can see from her writings, a genuine and sincere person whom anyone, regardless of their religion would very much like,if they had the opportunity to meet her. I know my life is blessed even more, because I have the opportunity to speak with her on occasion. Suhaa is a wonderful example of a Muslim American woman who walks the talk.
May God (Allah) Bless her and her lovely family!!!

At April 05, 2006, Blogger SUHAA said...

subhanAllah.. jazakAllah kheir for your kind kind words. may Allah accept your good deeds and grant you rewards for making my day!!!
i love u and your family sister... may Allah love you even more.


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