Our Lord! You truly know all that we may hide in our hearts as well as all that we bring into the open, for nothing whatsoever, be it on earth or in heaven, remains hidden from Allah. {Quran, 14:38}



I wish I could remember being 5 and 6 having deep questions and concerns about the purpose of life. But I don’t. I’ve always known about God and took it as that. He Sees us and is with us. Although my curiosity was not of who, what, how, or why in terms of big thoughts, I would most often think of God growing up with mentally recalling the sight of the huge mountains of New Hampshire on our summer family trips and even just by staring at my hand wide open, trying to figure out how wiggling my fingers was at all possible. All Glory belongs to Allah and not the physicians, nor the scientists. These 2 recurring thoughts kept me grounded. May Allah reward my parents for pointing these things out.

Friday was Sign’s last day of 1st Grade, masha’Allah (what Allah wills happens). That’s another thing I have yet to understand. How did she grow out of her baby and toddler years so quick that now she is almost 7, God-willing?? That is beyond me. To keep her busy, I found some small chapters and verses from the Quran translated in a way for children to understand, using the language they know. With a pencil I wrote out the words (in English, God-willing I will have her write it in Arabic too) of the
Verse of the Throne, Ayat A-Qursi 2:255).
She then traced it, and I had her do this rather than free hand to practice letter formation and neatness. Sign still has a few more pictures to draw on a few pages of “her Quran”. Obviously before all this we talked about it’s meaning, and her summary of it was very cute and appropriate for a child who just finished 1st Grade: “Allah never gets tired and can do everything by Himself.” Masha’Allah, what God wills. I don’t deny my desire for all my children to memorize Quran, I pray that Allah will make it easy on their tongues to recite. But even more, I aspire for them to understand it, so it will be easy on their hearts and be used for every action or decision they partake in life. Here’s what’s in her new book:

"In the Name of ALLAH, the Caring and Kind. Allah! There is no god but HE, the Living, Who doesn't need anyone else but whom all others need. HE never gets tired and HE never needs to rest. To HIM belongs space and the earth; who can say anything without His permission? HE knows everything people have done and will do, and no one can understand what HE knows, unless He wants them too. HIS throne covers over space and the earth and He doesn't get tired in protecting them. HE is the Most High, the Boss of everyone and everything!"

Please click on the title of this post to get a link of Quran translations made easy for elementary and middle school kids. This is where I got the above translation (original is Arabic) is from, but just tweaked it a little bit. Oh, and I should also mention that it would be good to mention to our children that the complete meaning of Quran can not be understood in its entirety in any other language than Arabic (even English). Honestly, I didn’t remind Sign of this today, but insha’Allah (God-willing) I’ll have to do it tomorrow.

It’s been hard to share things like this on my blog before because I do not care to expose my children in any way and especially the quotes they come up with, But I thought by doing so, it might be a reminder to all of us that children will be kids and it’s up to us to explain things to them in a compassionate way fulfilling their curiosity, before society and environment does. Children are vulnerable to losing their natural love for Allah if set up in wrong atmospheres. As for example, my children have many Disney movies, granted I’ve screened them and haven’t allowed them to watch ones like Mulan or The Little Mermaid. But now I’m thinking, well what was so much more Islamic about Aladdin or Cinderella? Anyways, my faults are many when it comes to raising my most precious gifts, and I was reminded when Sign said to me as Mercy was testing me big time “Mama, Allah is watching you.” Praise God, I am happy that she said that and for what it’s worth, it did get me in check. May God reward her for that. (Say Ameen/Amen!)

So about those spontaneous questions, and how I managed my way out of them hoping to have answered simply and to the point! These are just a few of recent ones they’ve come up with!!

Mama, how big is the sky? I mean where does it end?
It keeps going way-way up higher than the clouds, higher than the planets in space. It even goes up higher than Jannah (Paradise), and Allah is higher than all of that put together! He is the Highest, and the Biggest. But He Hears and Sees what you do and think.

Mama, who will bury the last person alive?
Maybe animals, but not everyone who dies is buried. Some drown; some are burnt to ashes, while others die being stuck somewhere somehow. But everyone how deeply buried they are, or how deep in the ocean they may be will be alive again for Allah’s questions. He sees kids when they hide under their beds snacking on something they shouldn’t too.

Mama, how did Allah make Himself?
I have no idea, He didn’t tell us, maybe you can ask Him in Jannah, but we still might not be able to understand even if He tells us.

Mama, what’s the last number?
It’s a secret that only Allah Knows, He didn’t tell us. But there has got to be a last number because there is a first and last, beginning and end to everything except Allah Himself. He’s always been there, and will always be there.

Mama, she told me that some Muslims are going to Hellfire first?
All Muslims who love Allah, believe that He doesn’t have any helpers, and that Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) is the last of many Messengers will go to Paradise. But some of them will walk over Al-Sirat (the Bridge/Straight Path that everyone will walk across towards Paradise; the Polytheists, Disbelievers, Hypocrites will end up falling into Hellfire) slower than others, and there’s going to be more hard tests for Muslims who don’t do as they should on Judgment Day, Those Muslims that didn’t try their best in life will think their forever home is going to be Hellfire. But out of Allah’s Kindness, He will forgive them because they believed in the Shahada (declaration of faith that there is One God, and Muhammad is the Last of all Messengers) out of faith and not just to show-off.

May Allah always guide us in guiding our children to live pious lives filled with blessings that they can reflect and be humbled upon, while pleasing Allah so much that HE counts them as the inhabitants of Paradise. Ameen.


At June 20, 2006, Anonymous misfit said...

Nice post.

I love the way children asks questions regarding islam. My children are growing up and they're getting 'naughty'... sometimes lying to me, covering up their mistakes.. yes, it's probably because they must be afraid that I might reprimand them.. but I always used to tell them this "Fine if you want to lie to me, Mum will forgive you even if you don't admit to your mistakes, but never forget, Allah is watching you... so you've got to ask forgiveness from Him for lying to your mum" My kids do understand this, and insya allah i'm hoping...they'll have Him always in mind when they do things in silence.

At June 20, 2006, Anonymous Mona Um Ibrahim said...

That link for the easy translations is wonderful! I love how they translated Bismillah to 'In the name of Allah, the caring and kind'. Ayat al Kursi was nice too. This will be really useful inshaAllah. You also mentioned that Sign draws pictures in 'her Qur'an' - can you explain that. jazaki Allahu khair.

At June 21, 2006, Blogger SUHAA said...

Misfit, mashaAllah, sounds like you are instilling a positive connection to Allah by teaching them that He is Al=Baseer and Al-Sami (The One Who Sees and Hears all things). May Allah protect them, maybe you can find stories or Verses in Quran to support the concept of being truthful at all times and have them do a project on it or something by writing them out on index cards, decorating them and keeping hanging them up in a place where they can be reminded. maybe on their wall beside their bed or on the fridge..
may Allah reward u!

At June 21, 2006, Blogger SUHAA said...

asalaam alaikum warahmat Allah um'ibrahim,
yeah, mashaAllah, i love this site, it gives lots of ideas to do with kids at each grade level that can be used by any parent whatever schooling they choose for their kids.
Sign's Quran is very colorful. I suggested that she use a different color for the words ALLAH and HE, so she started off doing just that but by the end of her writing she was using the rainbow of colors.
Sing drew things like a bed on the page where Allah says He doesn't need to sleep. She drew me, her, and her siblings (i'm the tallest in the picture) to signify that that they need me, but we all need Allah..
I used just a few regular sheets of writing paper (you know the kind designed for early writers)
she was very happy to read it out loud and had her dad staple it together.

Mercy on the other is just on the edge of learning to sound out simple words. So her book is an "I AM". So on each page there is a simple sentence: "I AM Muslim" "I AM Kind" "I am honest"..
she drew pics too of her wearing hijab, sharing with her brother, and smiling (I am smiley). I had her trace the letters and words too with markers working on letter formation and directionality.and on the last page she wrote "Thank you Allah". She wants to bring it in to school to show her teachers and friends and I am all for that too!
Hope that explained it ..its very simple. For StrongBeliever who's 3 I didnt have him do anything in that regard but maybe I could draw pics with Him of the things that Allah has given to him, with my help..inshaAllah.

At June 28, 2006, Blogger B said...

beautiful post sis, althought i m not a mum (yet) but i teach a few kids and they do ask questions like that, and i try my best to answer in a way they can understand. One of them asked (worriedly) how about if one my parents who doesnt like to pray at all, how will we be together with them in the Jannah?

I tried to answer, what would u have said to that?

At June 28, 2006, Blogger SUHAA said...

may Allah reward you, and grant you motherhood too :-) a good way to answer this is to say "Remind your parent, it might be he/she is very busy and forgets to pray to Allah. ask Allah and talk to Allah. He will listen and because you are a good Muslim He will answer it too inshaAllah. May Allah make her/him, and all of us a better Muslims!"
This should suffice the child for a while inshaAllah..

maybe Allah put you infront of this child as a role model.


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