Our Lord! You truly know all that we may hide in our hearts as well as all that we bring into the open, for nothing whatsoever, be it on earth or in heaven, remains hidden from Allah. {Quran, 14:38}



So I'm not the kind of person to laugh out loud when reading something on the net or in a book. But this was absolutely hilarious. Turns out, it's not even a joke, it's totally for real!!

In Islam, Muslims hold cleanliness as a part of faith. It's even more important that we are in a state of wudu, purity. To do this we start off with our hearts by setting an intention to spiritually clear our minds and follow through with passing water over our hands, mouth, nose, forearms, ears, head and feet. Simple enough, right? This simple routine is done before each prayer (5xs/day).

Well, check this out, as an occupational therapist, I can see how this can help people who have limited mobility to get their feet clean for instance...maybe anyways! But c'mon now, if this becomes widespread, they'll be thikr/rememberance 'talking' beads glorifying Allah for you, and someone else suggested there might even be digital prayer rugs!!

I mean, maybe if they can make something like this wheelchair accessible, then I would find it a bit less funny!!

(Click the title of this post above for an article on it, and this link below to check out the pictures )

may Allah forgive me for finding this so I guess it can be beneficial to some inshaAllah..right?? (say Ameen/Amen!)
SubhanAllah, we love things that make our lives easier, but let's try to remember that by going through struggle or hardship..with patience, we become closer to gaining Allah's Pleasure, even with wudu!!
It's all about intentions too though.

"Surely God loves those who turn to Him and those who care for cleanliness." (Quran, 2:222).


At June 09, 2006, Blogger Mama Muslimah Baby Muslimah said...

Assalamu alaikum.......oh well....I actually find that kind of cool, hehe. I have to laugh, too, a little.....but I can definately see how that could be good for some people (especially when I remember how hard it was to bring my feet up to the sink when I was 9 mo. pregnant, subhanAllah)....... Fi aman Allah.

At June 09, 2006, Blogger SUHAA said...

wa'alaikum asalaam warahmat Allah:
subhanAllah...that's a good point! especially having to try to keep balanced at it!

At June 09, 2006, Blogger Um Ibrahim said...

I think the inventors felt that we are wasting so much water when we make wudu and he was trying to find a way to minimize the water use. there are many hadiths in fiqh us sunnah on wasting water, even if you make wudu in a river. Yet it's so hard to follow that sunnah subhanAllah. I think this invention would be useful in public places and like you said for disabled etc. That's an excellent idea for pregnant women too!

At June 10, 2006, Anonymous Tasmiya said...

Asalaamu alaikum,

I think for public places, it would be quite useful. As UmIbrahim said the main benefit would be less wastage of water and also it looks as though it would be safer since there wouldn't be as much water around the floor.

I don't agree that wudu or anything has to be difficult for us to become closer to Allah (and I know that isn't what you were saying) but I do feel that something of the spirituality may be lost if I were to perform wudu in this way.

At June 10, 2006, Blogger SUHAA said...

i agree tasmiya mostly, but i'm not sure if people who choose to mae wudu this way would miss out on the reward by compromising the sunnah in methodolgy of doing it, especially if they were physically able..

it will be interesting to read up on what scholars will say of it..

At June 10, 2006, Anonymous Tasmiya said...

I know that inshaAllah I wouldn't lose out on any reward - I meant that for me, personally it wouldn't feel like an act of worship, you know? :)

At July 02, 2006, Anonymous Subhan said...

A little late on this discussion, but my 2cents anyways:

Theres a very high need for water reuse in Arab Gulf region. With ever increasing population and limited natural water resources, the governments always encourages creative ways of reusing waste water for purposes like Landscape beautification, etc.

With this Idea, the water used for face/throat cleaning can be separated from those used to wash hands/feet. The waste water from hands/feet can be easily reused for watering landscape around the mosque area. (Water from Face wash is much grey and not ideal for mosque vicinity)

Governments in this region have to spent huge budget on converting desert into green, and such creative suggestions can be very helpful.

One just need to do a little Maths to know how much this will benefit a country like UAE where we have masha-allah hundreds of mosque and hundred-thousands gallons of water used daily for wudu.

At July 02, 2006, Blogger SUHAA said...

jazakAllah kheir for your input. subhanAllah, i didn't realize this. this would be an excellent idea in this case in conserving..

may Allah do what is best.


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