Our Lord! You truly know all that we may hide in our hearts as well as all that we bring into the open, for nothing whatsoever, be it on earth or in heaven, remains hidden from Allah. {Quran, 14:38}


You Rebellious?

I don't want to melt. I don't want to melt into society. Been there, done that. I don't want that for myself nor that of my children. To melt into society is to accept wrongdoings as a norm, and to accept corruption as a norm causes desensitization. Call me a fundamentalist, call me a "fascist", but don't call me an American, and don't call me an Egyptian either for that matter. I am nothing but Muslim. Stare if you want, but it would be great if you would keep your eyes connected to mine long enough for me to share a smile. I do speak your language, I do feel blessed although tested to be in the West, I am educated and contrary to what you think, I do respect many of you. My confusion rambles in constant wonder of the state of security you are in, or lack of concern what happens after death. I eat pizza and I love to kick back on the beach collecting seashells and rocks with my children. My flavor is that of astonishment to the creations I am indulged in there and everywhere. My backyard are kids fighting playfully and dragonflies floating around, landing on our hands and shoulders. How could I deny the Signs? How could you not take a second to reflect. It's not luck, and it's not you're hard work, do you know what it is that causes you to read this so comfortably? Highschool is over, it's not about fitting in with society, it's about fitting in with what is on the Right. I love beauty and I aspire for it, not for you to see, but for Allah to Witness. My costume is sacred as it is the shelter to my soul. This costume is fragile and needs the coat for its protection. Not from the sun, but from temptation and loss of modesty which is half of what I believe. You hear it, I hear read it. Everything is done for a reason. But what is that purpose? I won't share it with you, because somewhere deep down in your heart it was engraved, that knowledge. So why do you deny and fear others when the Truth is already with you? Who am I to judge you? Then again, who are you to judge me? What support is it you seek? Friends to share hobbies or outings that rebel against what is real to you? If selfish desires aren't foes, and reflecting for a sec is a hardship then why are you even reading this? Unblock the view and be for real, let the common sense pour into your heart and that is the only place you will find contenment with being "you" whoever it is you are and I am. Be content, not rebellious. Get those glances, don't take your soul for granted, be brave, be rebellious against the deserved things. Majority doesn't rule's an image that will prove to be defeated on the Day. How are you rebellious? This way or that way?

"Verily, Allah is not ashamed to set forth a parable even of a mosquito or so much more when it is bigger than it. And as for those who believe, they know that it is the Truth from their Lord, but as for those who disbelieve, they say: "What did Allah intend by this parable?" By it He misleads many, and many He guides thereby. And He misleads thereby only those who are Al-Fasiqoon (the rebellious, disobedient to Allah)." {Quran, 2:36}


At August 15, 2006, Blogger Abu Muhammad said...

Truely thought provoking! Keep writing more....

At August 15, 2006, Blogger SUHAA said...

jazakAllah kheir brother..may Allah keep us steadfast on this Deen and guide others to the Truth.

At August 16, 2006, Blogger Sadiq M. Alam said...

i invite you take a look at this post and help disseminate the message to the world.



At August 16, 2006, Blogger UmmBadier said...

Asalamu Walaikum Sister,
I wanted to send you this info, but can't figure out how to email you...sorry if it takes up to much space...Please continue to not let your children Melt Into This Society and please help others from doing so...Asalamu Walaikum

Islamic education in the West

How do we as muslims living inthe west maintain an Islamic Education for our children. Primary and secondary education upto the age of 15/16 may be provided in Muslim schools (which are also very expensive), but as for Higher Education there is no such Islamic Institute.
Even on the secondary school level on the agenda of Curriculum, we do not have books that deal with the branches of knowledge that are available in secular institutes, such as; Political science, Sociology, Psychology, Pedagogy. Please advise on how we should go about bringing about an Islamic Education fystem for our Youth i the west (bearing in mind that it is near Impossible for us to migrate to Arab/Muslim countries because of the restrictions on immigration etc.)
May Allah reward you.

Praise be to Allaah.
In order to preserve the structure of the Muslim family in the kaafir countries, we need to meet a number of conditions and requirements, both within the home and outside it:
· Within the home:
1. It is essential for parents to uphold the habit of praying regularly in the mosque with their children; if there is no mosque nearby, then they must pray in jamaa’ah at home.
2. They have to read Qur’aan and listen to its recitation daily.
3. They must eat meals together.
4. They must speak in the language of the Qur’aan as much as they can.
5. They must uphold the good manners prescribed by the Lord of the Worlds for families and in social settings; these include those that are to be found in Soorat al-Noor.
6. They should not let themselves or their children watch immoral and corrupt movies.
7. Their children have to sleep at home and should stay home as much as possible, to protect them from the influences of the bad environment outside. They should be very strict in not allowing their children to sleep outside the home (“sleepovers”).
8. They should avoid sending their children to universities far from home where they would have to stay in university accommodation, otherwise we will lose our children, who will be assimilated into the kaafir society.
9. We have to be careful to eat only halaal food and the parents must avoid using all kinds of haraam things such as cigarettes, marijuana and other things which are widely available in kaafir countries.
· Outside the home:
1. We must send our children to Islamic schools from kindergarten to the end of secondary school (high school).
2. We must also send them to the mosque as much as possible, to pray Jumu’ah and other prayers in jamaa’ah, and to attend lectures, halaqahs and study circles, etc.
3. We must establish educational and sporting activities for children and youth in places that are supervised by Muslims.
4. Organizing educational camps where all members of the family can go.
5. Fathers and mothers should strive to go to the Holy Places to perform the rituals of ‘Umrah and the obligations of Hajj, accompanied by their children.
6. Training children to speak about Islam in simple language which adults and children, Muslim and non-Muslim, can understand.
7. Training children to memorize Qur’aan and sending some of them – if possible – to a Muslim Arab country so that they can gain an understanding of the religion, then come back to be daa’iyahs who are equipped with knowledge of Islam and the language of the Qur’aan.
8. Training some of our sons to give Jumu’ah Khutbahs, and to lead the Muslims in prayer, so that they will become leaders of the Muslim community.
9. Encouraging children to marry early so as to protect their religious and worldly interests.
10-We have to encourage them to marry Muslim girls from families who are known for their religious commitment and good attitudes.
11-We have to avoid using the number 911 and calling the police to come to the house to resolve conflicts. If conflicts arise, we must get in touch with a responsible member of the Muslim community or with wise Muslims to help resolve the conflict.
12-Not attending parties where there is dancing, music and singing, or joining in celebrations of immorality or the festivals of kufr; stopping our children, with wisdom, from going to church on Sundays with Christian students.
And Allaah is the Source of strength and the Guide to the Straight Path.

The danger of studying in the kaafir schools

My daughter goes to public school, in order to help her feel comfortable about her being a muslim among non muslims, I suggested to the teacher that I would do something for the classroom about Ramadan and Eid-el-fitr. Do you have any suggestions on what I can do for the kindergarten class?.

Praise be to Allaah.
Firstly: there is no doubt that staying in the kaafir lands poses a grave danger to the religion and morals of the Muslim. Hence we should beware of that and try to avoid it, and set out conditions which will prevent the Muslim from falling into that great danger. The Muslim who stays in a kaafir country must meet two conditions, as follows:
1 – His religious commitment should be secure, in the sense that he should have sufficient knowledge and faith to give him the strength to remain steadfast in his religious commitment and to avoid going astray.
2 – He should able to practise his religion openly by establishing the symbols of Islam with no impediment. Otherwise it is not permissible for him to stay there and he must migrate (hijrah) in that case. Ibn Qudaamah (may Allaah have mercy on him) said, when discussing the different categories of people with regard to migration:
The first group is those for whom migration is obligatory; these are the ones who are able to migrate and who are not able to practise their religion openly, who are not able to establish the duties of Islam whilst remaining among the kuffaar. These people have to migrate because Allaah says (interpretation of the meaning):
“Verily, as for those whom the angels take (in death) while they are wronging themselves (as they stayed among the disbelievers even though emigration was obligatory for them), they (angels) say (to them): ‘In what (condition) were you?’ They reply: ‘We were weak and oppressed on the earth.’ They (angels) say: ‘Was not the earth of Allaah spacious enough for you to emigrate therein?’”
[al-Nisa’ 4:97]
This is a stern warning which indicates that migrating is obligatory. Establishing the duties of Islam is obligatory for the one who is able to do that, and migration (hijrah) is a necessary part of these obligatory duties: whatever is essential to the fulfillment of an obligatory duty is also obligatory.
See al-Mughni, 8/457; Majmoo’ Fataawa Ibn ‘Uthaymeen, 3/25-30
Whatever is essential to the fulfillment of an obligatory duty is also obligatory. But there are some cases in which it is permissible for a Muslim to stay in a kaafir country. Please see question no. 13363
2 – For those who stay among the kuffaar for a reason, such as studying, the danger is even greater, because the student feels a need for his teacher, which may lead to him being friendly towards him and pretending to approve of his ways. Moreover, the student usually feels inferior to his teacher, then he starts to venerate him and adopt his views. Moreover the student will inevitably have friends during his period of study. For all of these reasons we must be very cautious indeed, and in this case in addition to the conditions mentioned above there are other conditions, which include the following:
1 – The student should be very mature, so that he can distinguish between truth and falsehood. Hence sending students who are very young involves a serious danger to their religious commitment, morals and beliefs.
2 – The student should have sufficient knowledge of Islam to be able to distinguish truth from falsehood, lest he become confused and be deceived by them.
3 – He should have enough religious commitment and faith to protect him against kufr and immorality, because those who are weak in these areas will not be safe.
4 – He should have a need for the knowledge for which he is going there, in the sense that learning this will serve the interests of the Muslims and there is no equivalent available in Muslim schools, otherwise it is not permissible for him to stay among the kuffaar.
Hence the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said: “I disavow myself of any Muslim who settles among the mushrikeen.” Narrated by Abu Dawood, 2645; al-Tirmidhi, 1604; classed as saheeh by al-Albaani in al-Irwa’, 1207.
For all these reasons it is essential to be cautious with regard to this matter, especially when sending the young to their schools and even kindergartens, because that poses a threat to their behaviour and morals.
You are well aware that the danger to your children is not restricted to their joining them in their festivals, rather the danger is there simply because of their mixing with them and living among them. So you, as a father, have to be wise in that and understand these dangers, and protect your children from being contaminated with their ideas or being influenced by them. Allaah says (interpretation of the meaning):
“O you who believe! Ward off yourselves and your families against a Fire (Hell)…”
[al-Tahreem 66:6]
Your children are a trust that have been given to you; if you can educate them only in Islamic school or with Muslim teachers, then do so, and it is better to err on the side of caution. Beware of everything that could damage their religious commitment and behaviour. I ask Allaah to help you and to protect you and to make goodness easy for you wherever it is. And Allaah is the source of strength.

Islam Q&A

At August 17, 2006, Blogger SUHAA said...

asalaam alaikum warahmat Allah Umm'Badier,
may Allah reward you for your sincere comment. I agree with many points the statement you shared with us from Islam Q & A above. But one thing i noted it did not mention is Duaa! Here in the US only 1% of all Muslim kids are attending Islamic Schools. It is still a very new concept, and there is much struggle with Islamic schools because of the infant state they are in for the most part. Having said that, the public school provides many opportunites to families that the Islamic can not such as special education, and even cultural exposer to the lifestyles of their neigbhors which is important if our Muslim children are to grow up performing wise methods of dowah. There are clearly positives and negatives on both sides. There are many Muslim children who go to Islami schools who are well educated and mannered and seem to be the typical American Muslims ready to face their environment in a strong way inviting others to the love of Islam. There are also many American Muslims who have gone to public all their lives and yet are also very strong in their deen and dealings with people of all faiths. The goal for any Muslim parent is to try to safeguard their children's fitrah (natural state)and so trying to encompass them in an Islamic lifestlye and this is a difficult thing in a a public non-Islamic school , but at the same time there are also risks of the so-called Islamic school doing things that are not Islamic!! SubhanAllah, there is no ideal situation and the one thing that needs to be considered is what is best for each child in fostering their love and their rememberance of Allah at all times, no matter where they are. Not because someone is telling them to do it in an Islamic school..and not because someone the public school happens to discuss Ramadan! SubhanAllah. There are clear benefits of Islamic Schools but this does not mean we need to be blind and ignore that the public school might be positive under circumstances as well.

Having said that, the parents are the ones who will be asked upon the Day. So we need to constantly talk about Allah and provide a complete Islamic atmosphere at home, through outings, social context with good praciticing Muslims, and teach them the proper way of dealing with others by giving them the hope that non-Muslims can become Muslims ..rather than calling them "Kaafir". We should instill a love and gratefulness in our kids that we are blessed to be Muslim, not proud..and that the worst of people can have the hearst turned around by Allah and be amongst the most righteous.
ofcourse there is the option to homeschool as well, although i know not everyone can do this..
Ultimately, we need to do the best we can as parents..and never think we are doing so much for our kids..and trust in Allah to guide them because although environment is important the Hidaya (Guideance) comes from Allah Alone.
and Allah Knows best.

At August 18, 2006, Blogger Umm Isa said...

Bismillaah, assalaamo aleikom dearest sister, MashAllah you always write so beautiful and thoughtful textes. Allaah has truly blessed you with the skill of writing (amongst many other skills too I am sure) I love to come to your blog and read. May Allah reward you plenty for your good deeds!
I love you for the sake of Allaah,
Umm Isa

At August 18, 2006, Blogger SUHAA said...

wa'alaikum asalaam warahmat Allah Umm Isa,
I was humbled by your comment. may Allah reward you! I hope that if any of my writings are beneficial to anyone reading it that it will raise my status on the Day and expiate my sins. I hope that whatever notes I make here will be based on my actions and my perceptions and not on hypocricy..Allah knows the state of my heart more than even I know it.
jazakAllah kheir for motivating me!

love you too sister for sabil'Allah :-)

At August 19, 2006, Anonymous misfit said...

Good one. I like the way you expressed it, very firm.

Ps: Still reading you... a reminder for me always.


At August 19, 2006, Blogger SUHAA said...

jazakAllah kheir misfit..a reminder for me most of all!
(ive been wondering where you've been:-)

At August 30, 2006, Anonymous Mona UmIbrahim said...

I love this line: "Stare if you want, but it would be great if you would keep your eyes connected to mine long enough for me to share a smile."

It got me to smile :) What a beautiful stream of consciousness. So refreshing, so true. I never thought of myself as a rebel, cool!

At October 28, 2006, Blogger UmmBadier said...

Asalamu Walaikum Uhkti,
I am re-reading your comment again today after some months and I am so sorry I think I must have read into it. I was thrown for a loop by sisters using dawah as an excuse to put their kids in public schools and I think I made some asumptions here, astagfirallah.


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