Our Lord! You truly know all that we may hide in our hearts as well as all that we bring into the open, for nothing whatsoever, be it on earth or in heaven, remains hidden from Allah. {Quran, 14:38}


Another Death

Asalaam Alaikum Warhmat Allah,

Just a short post to remind everyone to turn to Truth to ALLAH. We are all created by Allah and we will all return to Him for accountability. The community I live in has faced so many deaths of young people over the past few years. Malik Al-Mout (Angel of Death) has taken yet another young soul away. May Allah make this and all deaths as a reminder that in this life nothing and no one will last forever, and let it be a reminder to us that every tiny spec of a deed good or bad will be judged. May Allah grant Muslims peace who are alive and peace who are now dead..surely we will all die and surely we will all rise again. Let us encourage one another towards goodness and beleif that there is only One God and that Muhammad is the last Messenger. Do not shy away from the truth and let us fear Allah more than we fear our families, friends and this society.

People are celebrating death on halloween and others are mourning it, subhanAllah.

Inna Lillahi wa Inna Lillahi Rajiyoon.
We are all created by Allah, and to Allah we will all return.

"No soul can die except by Allah’s leave, and at a preordained time. We will bestow (the benefits) here (in this world) upon anyone who wants (the results and) rewards (of his effort) in this world. We will bestow (the benefits and the rewards) there (in the hereafter) upon anyone who desires the reward in the life after death. Soon, We will reward the grateful ones!"
{Quran, 3:145}
Every soul shall have to taste death! The day of Resurrection is when you can and shall receive your dues to the fullest extent the consequence of your deeds. That Day, whoever is pulled away from hell, and is ushered into the paradise, will really have triumphed. The life of this world is nothing but an illusive enjoyment, a mere deception.
{Quran, 3:185}


At October 31, 2006, Anonymous Mona UmIbrahim said...

May Allah have mercy on his soul and give his family patience.

At November 05, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

May Allah show mercy to him and give his family iman and sabr!

BarakaAllaho fiki wa jazakiAllaaho kheiran sister Suhaa for your oh so important reminder.

At November 06, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

MashAllah, this is a really beutiful blog, im a weak muslim but this death post shook me abit, subhanAllah jazakAllah khair, i look forward to your next blog make duaa Allah makes my heart strong in this deen, may Allah reward you salaams.

At February 18, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Salam Sister,

I am happy to be reminded.JAzakillah for reminding me.I hope the rest of muslim brothers and sisters take note of these as well.


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